personal project

Airborn is an Action Adventure based in a fantastic world on flying islands eons after the world has collapsed from overexploitation. The UT3 Mod won both “Best Art in a Game Mod” at the Make Something Unreal Contest 2010. I've been responsible for creating environment assets and props. Most of the designs were done by other team member, all models were baked from a high to low polygon model. For further info read


Normalmapped Assets and Scenes

personal project

These are some of my current gen assets I did in my spare time. I mostly do the typical workflow like hipoly modeling / sculpting, lowpoly retopology and texture baking.

Wii Games

professional work

First project is a prototype chariot-battle-racing game called Road to Rome. I worked on the racingtrack and also did a lot of it's texturing. Second project I worked on, was the game adaption of the movie "The Three Investigators and the Secret of Terror Castle", my only task was creating the two environments.

Nintendo DS Work

professional work

I worked on a few titles over the years, mostly girly flirty adventures - obviously not counting the Emily the Strange project. We primarily used prerendered or illustrated backgrounds with 3d characters or vehicles on top of it. I did many of the background renderings, ingame scene animation and technical support for the programmers.

Some Indie game projects

personal project

Over time I worked on severeal small indie projects - most of them never seen daylight. This is for showcasing some work I've done on them. Most of the time I do game design and also animation, and sometimes even coding too. I really enjoy developing new looks, worlds and workflows to make things happen.


personal project

This is a selection of my paintings and sketches. More studies and experiments can be found on my deviantartpage. All of them were painted with Photoshop.